EP 03: The TomTom Adventurer GPS Watch.


Episode 03 of the Active Walker Show reviews the brand new TomTom Adventurer. tomTom’s latest technology in GPS navigational watches has been amplified in this all in one watch. I use the TomTom adventurer mainly for my trail runs because it features the “trail” option under activities which allows you to upload a GPS map of a particular route. I used the watch to direct me on path for the PACE 22K course over in the Blue Mountains. It worked well as the route is not visually seen on screen if you run off route. The watch also features an MP3 player which is perfect for long runs and can be connected to bluetooth headphones. The watch also records heart rate, calories, elevation and can be used for way more than just trail running- you can use the watch for anything outdoors such as for cycling, swimming, snowboarding, skiing and hiking.

The TomTom adventurer can be purchased here

Enjoy EP 03 of the Active Walker Show!




3 GOLD, 3 PBs… in the pool!



Today was the first time i swam State in almost 15 years. After jumping in the pool almost 3 months ago, never would i have expected to be swimming pb’s. I swam a pb in the 100m freestyle and swam well under the 1:10 goal, followed by breaking the 35 second barrier in the 50m backstroke and also swam the 200m back stroke for the first time. The toughest race of the day definitely was the 200m backstroke, particularly in the last 50m where my shoulders and arms were both tiring. Similar to running it was mind over body and i finished cracking the 3 minute barrier which gave me some confidence with some of the longer form races.
The overall competition was ran so well and everyone at Ryde MSC was so supportive along with all the other swimming clubs which gave a great community feel to the carnival.

I will be focusing now on nationals which will be next year in 2017 and may even try some open water swimming before i start Triathlons.