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As you may have read, six months ago i climbed Mt Fuji. Ep02 of the Active Walker Shows gives you a preview of the climb i did up Mt Fuji which is 3776m. I highly recommend climbing Fuji which you can do during the months of July- October during the warmer Summer months. It’s a two day climb- you spend day 1 climbing most of the way to around 3,200m and then you have a 6 hour rest before getting up at Midnight to climb the rest of the way. The views at the top can be incredible, partcularly on a clear day. Unfortunately for me, it was cloudy at the top, however on the climb down, the skies cleared and i got some amazing footage as you will see in the footage.

All the footage was taken on the TomTom Bandit (Click Here for more details) and the clarity/resolution was on point.

Enjoy EP02 of the Active Walker Show!






“It’s good to be back” are the word which summarise the last two months of training. In August i decided to join the Ryde Aussie Masters Swimming club to help with my breathing for running and so far it’s been the best decision i have made. Back in primary school and the early high school days i use to be an elite junior swimmer training 6 sessions a week with the Ryde Swimming Club. As my running developed from a junior into my teenage years the demand for sessions substantially increased,  so the swimming slowly faded away as it was almost impossible to do both and pretty hard on my parents to be driving back and fourth.
I started swimming when i was 3 year old in order to help my asthma and it definitely fixed it. Almost 15 years on, i have decided to get back into the swimming because i’ve realised how important the swimming is to my overall endurance as a distance runner. I was a little nervous getting back into the pool after such a long time bur it’s amazing how much form technique is still with you when you start swimming again.

Since joining RAMS i have competed in 2 club carnivals and looking at competing in state age next month and maybe national age next year. The main thing is though is that it has been the squad swimming which has really helped with my overall endurance with the running.
Since having my heatstroke 2 years ago i have had to pay close attention to my breathing and heart rate. I feel as if i have more stamina and i can breathe in deep into my lungs which i couldn’t do before previously to the swimming squad training. At this point of time i am only able to fit in 2 sessions of swimming max a week with my running along with my full time teaching job and coaching but i feel as if it’s already made a difference.
The real test was on Sunday’s trail 20k and the results definitely proved the swimming has helped. Last year i ran around 1:28 for the 20k and this year i ran 1:21 which i was really happy with. There is definitely more room for improvement but after 2 months off earlier this year with patella tendonitis i have been very happy with my progress and training with the Run Crew. I also finished in 3rd place which put the icing on the cake.

My aim at this stage, is to try and be as consistent as i can with my training and keep up the swimming as i believe i will keep getting stronger and stronger. The squad training i do consists of reps of 50’s, 100’s and 200’s all with short recoveries. Some of the swimming sessions i have found just as difficult as my running sessions. Being a runner, i am not using my arms as say a sprinter would, so my shoulders get pretty sore. My swimming coach Greg Lewin is trying his best to correct my freestyle technique and it’s definitely paying off taking 2 seconds off my personal best over the last two carnivals in the 100m freestyle. Iv’e realised how much technique helps with the freestyle.
My focus is definitely still with the running but it’s nice to be back in the pool and making waves again. I have been asked whether or not i’ll compete in a triathlon and i may but need to get some more experience with the cycling and open water swimming which is something i’ll try in the Summer.
My aim is to compete in a few track meets, maybe do a bit of travel at the end of this year to compete in an international trail race and big goal is to do the UTA22K. With the swimming i have dreams of competing in the FINA Masters cup but we shall see. It has been super important that i stay extra organised with my teaching as teaching takes up alot of time externally whether it’s through lesson planning, designing resources or even doing external education courses. At the moment i am coping and staying very focused.

A big thankyou to my sponsors Chief Bar, Skins Australia, TomTom Global and to my coaches Gary Howard, Benny Saint Lawrence and Greg Lewin.






Walker recently came away with a Bronze medal at the X-TERRA Asian Pacific Trail Running Championships in the 21k Half Marathon at Callala Bay.
Leading up to the race, Nicks training was coming along well however, he fell sick on the Friday night with a migraine almost preventing him from pulling out of the race. In typical N W W form, he didn’t let anything hold him back and he decided to compete.

In the race Nick lead with a few of the front runners only to take a wrong turn in the second 11k which frustrated quite a few of the runners, however his persistence prevailed and Nick caught up quite a few places.

A big thankyou to sponsors TomTom Global, Skins AU, Chief Bar, Ice Bug and SOS Hydration.


1st Place in the Waiheke Island trail half marathon.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.09.23 am


On the 12th of December i had the pleasure of competing in the Waiheke Island Trail WC trail blazer off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

I was originally entered in the 11k but when i got there i was told that there was more prestige entering the half or full marathon so i decided to take the risk and do the half.
in the back of my mind i did have some thoughts of Hawaii underlying my confidence, however i knew i had done the right training leading up to this race since joining the Run Crew earlier this year.
The race didn’t start until 10 am and it was one of Auckland’s warmest days since 2015, however i made sure i was prepared with my camel pack which contained electrolyte. I will also have to admit that i was quite naive to the difficulty of the course. The start was surrounded by rolling hills however seeing this was my 2nd half marathon ever i didn’t put into perspective the humidity and elevation i would be running over the 21k.

I made sure i went out at a comfortable pace, which i am so glad i did, as the first 6k was mainly up some steep uphill. I could compare it to the Australian mountain running championships in Brisbane as there were some steep sections through the rainforest however Waiheke was mainly trail and less fire trail.

After the first 6k, there was some short downhill and some road before ducking onto some stunning coastal trails with views across the Tasman Sea. Some of the trail went so close to the cliffs edge that if you put a foot wrong, there was a good chance you would fall into the ocean so much focus on the foot work was required. The best thing about this part of the course, was the fact that once you ran to the bottom of the coastal trail, it eased off into a flat beach. There was almost 5k of running up and down the coast and across beaches which was nice.

I did get lost a couple of times which held my time up, but according to course officials, that is what made the race a game changer. I managed to mostly stay on track. Around the 14k mark, i did start to get some bad blistering underneath my foot, so the running started to get quite tough. The race also got warmer and warmer. I was so grateful that i had my camel pack or else there could have been a repeat of Hawaii. Also in the last 5k, there was a very cool rainforest section where you got to run through creeks which was pretty amazing and that cooled my body down.

The last 2k of the half was pretty painful, and it was all about talking to myself and telling myself there was only 2k to go and not to think about the pain i was enduing at this point. My legs were sore, bottom of my souls were in so much pain.. and to put the icing on the cake there was one more mountain to climb which was a mental challenge. When i came back down the other side there was a feeling of jubilation as i knew the finish line was ahead. The last 800m was a struggle but i knew i had won so that kept me going. i saw the organisers and i was so relieved.

I crossed the finish line and was so happy that i had actually finished with no heat stroke. It was probably the most challenging races i have ever competed in but i believe these races make us stronger.

A big thank you to my coaches Benny St Lawrence and Gary Howard for preparing me well for the race and to my sponsors H2COCO, Chief Bar, Tom Tom Global and IceBug for all their support leading up to the race.

It was a nice way to end 2015!!






imageToday I competed in the X Terra Asian Pacific Trail Running Champs with Audrey in the 21k relay and fortunately for the two of us we came away with Gold and won our entry to the World Trail Running Championships in Oahu, Hawaii. The course was set in the Jervis Bay national park which is located south of Sydney, about 40 minutes south of Woolongong. The trail was extremely slippery due to the rain the south coast has had this past week! Not even my amazing Nike Terra Kiger 2s could withstand the muddy, slippery conditions! I had several falls but still managed to run the full 10.5k in just under 40 minutes to tag Audrey. Audrey had a fantastic run too and ran especially fast at the start at the thought of the leeches which lay in the big mud puddles throughout the course. There were puddles on the 5k loop which were half a meter deep so it was best to avoid those! I found that I couldn’t control my pace because I was continuously changing pace due to the very slippery terrain. The course was easier than the Hawaiian world champs course because it wasn’t as hilly and the conditions weren’t as humid however the course today was much more slippery, bigger puddles and alot more mud! All in all team Beasts was stoked with the win and we took out the gold medal outright! We look forward to the world champs later this year! Next up Sydney 10! Thanks to Run Crew for all the hard training and to my sponsors LaceLocker, H2coco, Pure Sports Hydration +.Revive Therapeutic Massage. image image

Feels great to reach the top of the Mountain after a long climb.

Was great to have a run this weekend at the N.S.W Mountain Running Championships! Was the 6th club person across the line and my team UTS Norths crossed the line in 1st place. Really happy to have qualified for Nationals. After my heat stroke in Hawaii and being told i should never race competitively again i am stoked to have finished the race and reach the top of Mt Canobolas!  Determination always prevails and i never, ever give up on what i love. Big thanks to Run Crew and to my coaches Benny St Lawrence and Gary Howard for their solid training this past month and to my sponsors H2COCO, Pure sports Hydration, Lace Locker and Revive Therapeutic Massage.


N.S.W Mountain Running Champs
N.S.W Mountain Running Champs