Mike Selva Lane 5ive Editorial

This theatrical shoot, shot by photographer Mike Selva, captures the movement and energy i feel before, during and after a competition. The shoot captured the Lane 5ive sports apparel Run to the Future singlet, and The Great Wave singlet. both motifs featured on the singlet have been appropriated and reconstructed to create an eye catching design which is sentiment to Lane 5ive designs. The inspiration for the singlets have come from one of my favourite movies which is Back to the Future along with the Japanese great wave which is also sentiment to my Japanese heritage.

i wanted the shoot to capture not only the sportswear but also the emotion and psychology a sportsman feels when they are put under pressure to perform.

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TRACK STAR SUPERSTAR Elana Withnall has been chosen to be the face of my first women’s LANE 5IVE Croptop collection.


The collection has been inspired by metaphors for speed as well as photographs i have taken from my various trips around the world, which have been inspired me.

These croptop’s empower women to be inspired whilst they workout because they feel very comfortable and the designs empower the woman to feel competitive and be the best the can be at reaching their goals.

Elana has been chosen as the Lane 5IVE cover girl because of her passion for athletics, her commitment to athletics, and her well rounded attitude as an elite athlete. She does one of the hardest track events which is the Heptathlon. She is a nationally ranked Heptathlete and has dreams and aspirations of qualifying for the Olympics.  She has to train almost 7 days a week, amongst uni and work and has to be highly motivated so she can get through her 7 events!


I am very lucky to have have this amazing sports star as my girlfriend who keeps me highly motivated and gives me strength and courage to believe in myself and also LANE 5IVE!


2012 Marks a new era for the UTS Northern Suburbs Athletics Club with the arrival of the new uniform. The new uniform i designed,  stems back to the traditional club uniform, which was worn by the original North’s Athletes when the club began in the 1930’s.

New Era: UTS Northern Suburbs brand new uniform.

The new uniform which consists of a Men’s and Women’s singlet, Women’s crop top and Club competition shirt, incorporates the traditional North’s colors of red and black, and when combined, creates a contrasting mix, symbolic of the clubs competitive nature and leadership as being a club which stand’s out amongst other clubs on and off the track.

The Uniform change has come after almost 15 years after the previous uniform design and after much deliberation this design captivated the members of the UTS North’s Athletics club because of it’s traditional colours as well as it’s contemporary design which shows simplicity with an edge through the use of organic lines to give the feeling of speed and endurance on the panels as well as a plain red front which draws attention to the competitors numbers. Added embellishments of black stripes have also been added near the sleeves of the uniform, which represents tradition.

Emma Hunt- Women’s croptop

The quality and fabrication of the new UTS North’s uniform has been designed and constructed using the latest technology in sports apparel design called sublimated sports apparel which involves heat transfer of graphics onto materials. The textiles used for the new UTS North’s Uniforms are of a high quality through the use of a light sports dry material for the singlet’s and club shirt, which is breathable, and lightweight to wear when the athletes compete. The crop top is made from a nylon lycra which fits the ladies figure comfortably. The cut of all the uniforms have been custom made to suit all the athletes’ physical attributes on both the track and field.

Kat Hunt- Women’s singlet

Affordability was also a question which came to mind when redesigning the club uniform, so each item of the new uniform is $40.00 which is an excellent price for a top quality uniform which is sure to last at least for the next two decades..

One of Australia’s best 800m’s- James Gurr.

The new UTS Norths uniform is symbolic of a new era in 2012, as a club, which continues to grow significantly, and is a reflection of the quality of the athletes, which belong to the club. As North’s revisit it’s traditional roots through the new uniform, the red and black is sure to create an impact on the track and field and we encourage all of our existing and future athletes to make a purchase

The UTS Norths apparel designer and steeplechaser- Nick William Walker.

UTS Norths apparel Designer

Nick Walker

All captions taken by Sports Photographer- Chris Lew http://www.facebook.com/chrislew

The Red Jacket, The White Shirt, The Blue Jeans, The Black shoes.

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.
James Dean

Photograph: Ashley Dugandzic 2012
Model: Nick William Walker

Channeling James Dean recently in a photoshoot was an interesting experience. For those of you who don’t know who James Dean is, he is a legendary actor who was known for being a cultural icon of his time, symbolising the typical American teenager which was made evident in the classic film “Rebel without a Cause” (1955) where he played the troubled teenager Jim Stark. In the same year Rebel without a Cause was released, James Dean was killed in a car accident due to speeding. Sadly at the age of 24, Dean’s life was cut short. James Dean was the first actor to receive the Posthumous Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

Rebel without a Cause poster- 1955.

Working with photographer Ashley Dugandzic, we worked together to depict the emotion of James Dean portrayed in Rebel without a Cause and how we could depict this through still shots. I spent a couple of weeks studying his film and studying James Deans personality and emotion throughout the film as he played a troubling teenager. I felt i could relate to some of my teenage experiences in the film such as integrating into a new group at highschool, peer pressure,  arguing with parents over what is the truth with a troubling experience, falling in love for the first time, drinking for the first time and helping a troubled mate. I think every teenager at some point in their life bottles up their emotions and it’s about learning how to express and control your emotions which is what James Dean experiences in this film. In saying this, James Dean in this film has his own style of expressing his emotion. He is almost child like the way he breaks down in scenes, such as the scene where he breaks down in front of his parents after the scene of “Chicken” where one of his enemies dies in a car accident. The way he expresses to his parents how he is feeling about the situation is very timid and sensitive like a young kid, but then moments of frustration depicts his transition into adult hood. These elements of the film is what i wanted to capture in the shoot.

When working with Ashley i took some risks such as using a cigarette in the photos. I am not a smoker but in most scenes, Dean is smoking when he is stressed. In taking this risk we produced some amazing photos. Since James Dean was a risk taker in this film, i felt by doing the same- it would get me into character. James dean smoking is iconic of his time and culturally symbolic of the American teenager.

Photograph: Ashley Dugandzic 2012.
Model: Nick William Walker

 Capturing James Dean’s pure emotion was also something which i wanted to study when doing this shoot. He was a master of conveying this- whether he was falling in love, frustrated or being persuasive. When being photographed by Ashley i just had to put myself in James Deans shoes and really try and feel what he felt. I think when modelling, especially a legend like James Dean- to get into character you have to relate your own experiences to the experiences in the film so you can let the emotion pour out of your facial expressions and body language.

Photograph: Ashley Dugandzic 2012.
Model: Nick William Walker.

As an influence for my Lane 5ive “Speedometer” singlet, Rebel without a cause was an influence for the film due to the fact the notions of speed were challenged in this film through drag racing, when Jim was peer pressured into it. jim survived the game “Chicken” and was the first to jump out of his car, whilst his opponent fell off a cliff and crashed to his death. The speedometer was a key symbol in this scene. I definitely don’t condone speeding either but back in the 1950’s this was a cultural element of a teenager to prove that the fastest person in their car is the one who can take the most risks, therefor is the “coolest” and the leader. Today this is definitely not the case and its more about reponsiblity and being a role model through making  a positive change.
The contrast of the red jacket amongst the black Lane 5ive singlets and shorts i though would create a definitive contrast between that of a rebel and that of an athlete. I channeled the contrast between the risk of Jim in Rebel without a cause, and the risk an athlete takes in a race when strategically running.

Photograph: Ashley Dugandzic
Model: Nick William Walker

The location of the shoot was at the University of Sydney’s College of Fine Arts and this was a great location because of it’s historical buildings which was similar to the iconic “Griffith Observatory” used in Rebel without a Cause. The feel of the place was somewhat dark as it use to be an old mental hospital and apparently it is haunted. The location in a way made me more so get into character as James Dean who did die at such a young age made me think of his spirit.

I am so pleased with how these photos turned out and i am so happy to have reflected James Dean in his famous movie “Rebel Without a Cause”- a young actor who died too young.. hence the quote “Live Fast, Die Young”. The main thing i’ll remember of James Dean is the Red Jacket, the white shirt, the blue jeans and the black shoes.

Lane 5ive “Speed Collection” launched during the London Olympics!

This has been a great opportunity to show my sport, our sport in the best possible light. Not only have the venues been full but the crowds came out to watch our athletes on the road in the marathon and the walk. Athletics is an attractive, exciting sport and as competitive as any there is.. DAVID RUDISHA. SOURCE: THE INDEPENDENT 2012-08-11 23:00:00

3 years in the making comes my Lane 5ive “Speed” Collection. I am so proud to show the world my designs whereby i have designed, photographed, and marketed  my very first collection. All the hard work at uni and experience after uni is paying off!  I thought the timing was perfect seeing the world was in the middle of the London Olympics and track and field was really making a mark.

Some of the Olympic greats which inspired me included David Rudisha in his incredible world record 800m run, winning gold in 1:40.96, Usain Bolt’s phenomenal  Gold Medal Performances in the 100 and 200m, Sally Pearson’s 100m Hurdle Gold medal final, Steve Solomons qualification into the 400m Olympic final, Our Aussie Men’s 4 x 100 team qualifying for the finals, Mitch Watts silver medal performance in the mens Long Jump, Para Olympian Oscar Pistorius’s semi final run, James Magnussens gutsy Silver medal in the 100m freestyle, Jared Tallents heroic silver medal in the mens 50k walk, and the determined Anna Meares gold medal in the cycling sprint finals. All these inspirational moments really sums up what the Lane 5ive “Speed” collection is all about- strength, determination, courage, leadership, stamina, and visualisation. As Rudisha sums up in his quote after he won gold in world record time about putting track and field in the best possible light.. i want to showcase my sport through my unique apparel. I want my gear to be “attractive”, “exciting”, and “competitive”..

Having released this collection, it makes me feel as if one of my big goals has been achieved and that is to release my own label. In doing this collection it has made me realise what i want in life and how i want to live my life and what lifestyle i want. I have been able to design my collection along with Coaching and teaching as well as modelling and acting and also training for Athletics. Its been the busiest time of my life however i have been able to squeeze in everything.

Through this collection it has inspired me to follow in my granddads footsteps and give back to the community through merging forces with the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation where by a portion of my sales will go towards this charity. The reason why i chose the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation as my choice is because i grew up with my Pop who had Parkinson’s Disease and i saw the debilitating effects it had on my Pops body. Regardless of the physical difficulties my pop continued to be determined regardless of the physical restraints he had with the disease. In supporting the Parkinson’s disease foundation all the funds go towards research, rehabilitation, education and the chance to finding a cure. Muhammad Ali another one of my sporting inspiration greats is also a sufferer from Parkinson’s Disease.

My Lane 5ive Collection is Australian Made as i am supporting a manufacturer who makes everything here in Sydney from the fabrics to the prints. The best thing about this is that i am able to have a fast turn around period, so if i have any pre orders i can make orders straight away and the apparel will be made and finished within a 3 week period as opposed to a 6 week period when you get apparel manufactured overseas.

I’d like to thank my amazing family for supporting me with my business all the way as well as to all my friends who have supported me. I’m going to continue to make the business grow and in the mean time im training for Athletics where i would love to qualify for Rio.

For all sales head to www.n8kddecision.com.au and follow the link to Lane 5ive.