Since my trip to LA back in December i have been wanting to start a video blog. I finally got some footage using my IPhone 7 + and a tripod to create Episode 1 of The Active Walker Show!

I created The Active Walker Show youtube channel as an outlet to promote the latest sports product (which will work hand in hand with my Instagram posts) along with blogging about my brand Lane 5ive, education, entertainment and sport. I will also capture interviews with athletes, designers, actors, musicians and more!

Episode 1 covers a little information about who i am followed by an exclusive look at the SKINS KPro full length compression tights.  

Stay tuned for more episodes.







OOFOS recently gave me the opportunity to test their revolutionary recovery footwear.
Being an active sportsman and running plenty of k’s on the trails i have had my fair share of foot pain along with knee pain which i really experienced earlier this year when i had a staph infection in my foot which lead to patella tendonitis in my knee. If only i had the OOFOS footwear then to assist with my recovery.

The hardest thing i found when i had my staph infection in my foot, along with my knee injury was finding supportive footwear with enough cushioning/foam to take the pressure off the the injured area to manage the pain. As a Teacher, i have to be on my feet all day teaching whilst experiencing the injury and the best option i had at the time for footwear were my sports shoes due to the softer padding. This was not sufficient enough to take away the pain, let alone assist with the recovery.

With the release of the OOFOS footwear which takes the form of Thongs, Slides and Clogs, this brand is revolutionising the footwear industry due to their new Technology which can be found in the “OOfoam”.  Oofoam, absorbs 37% of the impact your feet have when undertaking exercise which reduces the stress on your feet, assisting your body to recover.
OOFOS also has a  patented footbed which is designed with tremendous arch support to take the pressure off of ankles, knees and hips, as well as your lower back. This would have been perfect when i had my staph infection in my foot because it would have taken the pressure off the knee. Due to the fact i was walking on the side of my foot, this placed pressure on the knee, causing the patella tendonitis. OOFOS footwear have also been  bio-mechanically designed through the flex in the OOFOS foam when your feet flex when they touch the ground. The soft, flexible OOfoam material enables your foot to articulate the way nature intended.

A few other amazing facts about OOFOS footwear is that it is:

  • Soft, conforming toe post eliminates chafing
  • Durable OOfoam holds its cushion its entire life
  • Moisture- and bacteria-resistant closed cell foam is shower-ready
  • Machine washable
  • So light they float

Since trying out OOFOS footwear (OOFOS OORIGINAL Thong in Black) i have never in my life worn such comfortable thongs. My feet sunk into the OOfoam as soon as i placed them on. There was no chafing in my arches or where on my upper foot where the strap of the thong sits. I wore these to the pool and used them for my warmup which involved stretching, a light jog and walking in between the grandstands, the call room and to the blocks before my race and after 6 hours my feet still felt like they were in heaven. Another thing i also really liked about OOFOS footwear is their sleek design. They look sporty, classy and competitive and i would almost describe the OOFOS thongs as cloud walkers as they are that comfy. I also wore the OOFOS thongs after a long 25k trail run and once again the thongs were like music to my ears. Usually after a long run, i take off my trail shoes and walk around with bare feet, however now that i have this recovery footwear it feels amazing to have my sore feet feel refreshed which is something i haven’t experienced before when taking off my shoes.


I highly recommend all active people to purchase a pair of the OOFOS recovery footwear, not only because they are super comfy, but because they allow you to recovery quicker after exercise and reduce the chance of injury or for those already with injury, the chance to recover quicker. I highly recommend OOFOS footwear for anyone who may suffer from Plantar Fasciitis as this has proven to give “instant” relief under the customer testimonials on the OOFOS website.

The OOFOS Ooriginal Thongs are sold for $69.95 which I believe is worth every dollar as the comfort is priceless.

To purchase a pair of the amazing OOFOS recovery footwear head to http://oofos.com.au/   .



Singing and Dancing sensations, John and Len Pearce from the famous Aussie group Justice Crew were captured wearing some of Nick Walker’s Lane 5ive apparel. John is featured wearing the  brand new “King of the Jungle” singlet and Len is featured wearing the “Speedometer” singlet. Justice Crew have been nominated for Artist & Song of the Year at this years ARIA Awards. Their song QUE SERA made Australian History as it was one of the longest running number 1 songs in Australian history. John and Len trained with Nick and were very talented Athletes with John running 10.6 and Len winning nationals for the Triple Jump!

John Pearce from Justice Crew wearing the "King of the jungle" singlet.
John Pearce from Justice Crew wearing the “King of the jungle” singlet.
Len Pearce from Justice Crew wearing the King of the Jungle singlet and the Speedometer singlet.
Len Pearce from Justice Crew wearing the King of the Jungle singlet and the Speedometer singlet.