About the Walker who runs.

Welcome to my official blog!

To start off , i have lots of feet in many doors. My first foot is in the design door and i am a sports apparel designer and own my own label “Lane 5ive” which is a mens sports label which focuses on sports singlet design. I decided to get into sports apparel design because i studied Design at University (UNSW COFA) and i also have a passion for sport and in particular- Athletics. I knew the combination of sport and fashion for me, would be a success. Lane 5ive is influenced by pop art, post modernism, metaphor, classic films and sporting heroes. My biggest sporting heroes are World champion Boxer and legend- Muhammad Ali because of his positive strength and determination and strong influence on the world .. and Usain bolt- the best track star on earth.Lane 5ive is a big supporter of the Parkinson’s NSW Charity and $2.00 from each singlet sold goes towards the Charity. My biggest inspiration is my Granddad who is no longer here, because he took me to all my sporting events and was always there for me. He was a sufferer of Parkinson’s Disease but had the same strong mental attitude by that of Muhammad Ali- a famous Parkinson’s Disease sufferer.

So in mentioning track- thats where my other foot is… I have been a runner since the age of 8 starting at Little Athletics at the Northern Suburbs Athletics Club and that is where my passion for the sport grew. To this date i am still doing Athletics- without it i think i would lose my focus. My biggest highlight was winning first at nationals in the 3k steeplechase. My Pop who is no longer here is my biggest inspiration.

My 3rd foot is in the Modelling and Presenter side of things. Since the age of 18 i have been modelling representing the Platform modelling agency. I have done a wide range of commercial and editorial shoots. I enjoy modelling because it lets me express my creativity through photography and to me modelling is an art form. I also love being a presenter. I enjoy presenting anything to do with pop culture and travel. I love to express to the world where i am from- Australia, which is such a beautiful country and i am so lucky to live here. I am an official presenter for Jason Dundas Online 🙂

My 4th foot in the door is teaching and coaching. In 2012 i started working as a Pe teacher and sports coach teaching at primary schools across Sydney. I think its vital for any kid to be physically active as exercise is great for the brain and excellent for health. I love being an inspiration to the younger generation and teaching them all my knowledge what i have learnt being a sportsman from a young age.

With many feet in the door i definitely have to be organised and i have to work really hard. Nothing has ever come easily to me and i thank my parents for bringing me up the way they have. I think if everything is given to you on a silver platter from a young age it doesn’t teach you work ethics. I feel that when you work so hard for something and achieve something out of it,  then its so much more worth while. I am proud of everything i have achieved to date and i thank all my friends and family for being such a great support! I have so many more goals and aspirations and many more feet to stick in many more doors!


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