SKINS are world renown for designing the best compression gear and as an athlete i have been wearing SKINS for the last 15 years. The first pair of full length tights i bought as a junior for running were SKINS.

15 years since my first pair of SKINS, I am proud to launch the the BRAND NEW SKINS

The KPros use new technology through Laminar Bands which externally stimulate the proprioceptive sensors in the prime movers, keeping muscles active and controlled so when you run you can go harder for longer.


The benefits of the SKINS K Pros include the following:

  •  Laminar Bands wrap from the front Adductors to the Gluteal muscles and Iliotibial Tract receptors to activate and support these powerful muscles.
  • Ergonomically shaped waistband supports the lower abdominals and lumbar spine without restricting hip rotation or movement.
  • Laminar Bands wrap around the Adductor and Quadricep muscle receptors to keep them activated even when fatigue sets in.
  • U-Shaped Laminar Bands hug the gastrocnemius muscle receptors to support and protect against involuntary movement and vibration.

SKINS gave me the chance to wear these and try them out which I did on my recent trip to LA. I wore them on the plane to assist with my blood flow for the long 14 hour flight and also on my trail runs up and around Runyon Canyon and Griffith Park leading up to my half marathon at Long Beach.

When I first put them on, being a brand new pair of Skins, It took some time to fit them properly onto my legs, but I firmly believe that similar to competitive swimming suits, the compression gear must be tight in order for it to achieve it’s purpose and in the case of the KPro tights, they achieved many purposes.

As soon as I started running,  I could feel the Luminar Bands particularly around my glutse and knees. This to me was refreshing as many other full length compression tights I have worn, have just provided limited relief in the sense that they felt somewhat tight but didn’t really hit the specific muscles.

I have also had some issues in the last few months with patella tendonitis and I have had to wear tape down by quad and across my knees. Wearing the KPros I don’t have to wear the tape as the Luminar Bands around the quadriceps lock my knees in like a seatbelt without being too tight.

Where I was doing my runs around Runyon Canyon, it was quite hilly and on hills you tend to use muscles in your quads, calves, abductors and gastrocnemius so the KPros were perfect for my hilly runs as it provided support to these muscles without restricting these muscles and giving them involuntary movement.

I was super impressed by the SKINS K Pros due to the fact I felt an automatic change in muscle memory and felt this through the entire length of my long runs up and around the hilly canyons.

The aim of the KPro Laminar Bands are to “externally stimulate the proprioceptive sensors in the prime movers, keeping muscles activated and controlled so you can go harder for longer.”  definitely lived up to my expectations and i believe they would be perfect for any athlete of any sport training on land.

The KPros are available to purchase at and they are definitely worth investing in as they assist not only for muscle recovery but also assist with muscle fatigue during activity.



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