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Last weekend I had a fantastic opportunity to head to the Blue Mountain’s for the first ever inaugural Run Crew training camp in Katoomba up at the Blue Mountains. I have been to the Blue Mountain’s on several occasions but I have never had the opportunity to run any of the trails around there. It literally was trail running heaven! I arrived on the Saturday afternoon after a long morning of coaching at the CAS/GPS Schools Cross-Country, so to go for an afternoon run around the three sister’s was amazing! The views were endless! On the Sunday morning, I went on a long run from the KCC Conference centre to narrowneck which is an amazing run just on the outskirts of Katoomba. It was freezing cold as the Blue Mountain’s experienced one of the coldest snaps they have had in years so there was still snow on the ground. I made sure I wore layers of compression gear! The run was spectacular despite the thick fog and the rain which fell on the ground. The vibes from the Run Crew group was one of support and positivity and that got me through the cold! I enjoyed the run and even enjoyed the undulating hills throughout the run! I can’t wait until the next Run Crew Camp! Thanks Coach Benny Saint Lawrence and Gary Howard for the weekend!


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