imageToday I competed in the X Terra Asian Pacific Trail Running Champs with Audrey in the 21k relay and fortunately for the two of us we came away with Gold and won our entry to the World Trail Running Championships in Oahu, Hawaii. The course was set in the Jervis Bay national park which is located south of Sydney, about 40 minutes south of Woolongong. The trail was extremely slippery due to the rain the south coast has had this past week! Not even my amazing Nike Terra Kiger 2s could withstand the muddy, slippery conditions! I had several falls but still managed to run the full 10.5k in just under 40 minutes to tag Audrey. Audrey had a fantastic run too and ran especially fast at the start at the thought of the leeches which lay in the big mud puddles throughout the course. There were puddles on the 5k loop which were half a meter deep so it was best to avoid those! I found that I couldn’t control my pace because I was continuously changing pace due to the very slippery terrain. The course was easier than the Hawaiian world champs course because it wasn’t as hilly and the conditions weren’t as humid however the course today was much more slippery, bigger puddles and alot more mud! All in all team Beasts was stoked with the win and we took out the gold medal outright! We look forward to the world champs later this year! Next up Sydney 10! Thanks to Run Crew for all the hard training and to my sponsors LaceLocker, H2coco, Pure Sports Hydration +.Revive Therapeutic Massage. image image

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