Walker was approached by Mens Fitness Magazine after he qualified for the Australian Mountain running champs because of the transition he made from track and field to trail running this year and was asked to reflect on the benefits he has found from trail running in the short amount of time he has started doing it. Nick will compete in the World Trail Running Championships in December this year.


Article in Mens Fitness Magazine


Walker was recently featured in the June issue of Mens Fitness Magazine in the article “Hot on his Trails”. He spoke about the reasons for why he loved trail running and the physical benefits he has felt whilst doing it.

A few quotes form the article include:

“Trail running was always a part of my training but i didnt actually move over to it as a focus until about six months ago.”

“I enjoy it more for a lot of reasons. The trails are spectacular- you’re always by a river or beach. When you’re running a long distance those surroundings really help psychologically.”

“The surface you run on, which are always changing as you move along, take your mind off the distance and actually give you something that you need to concentrate on. Every time you turn a corner you have to be very aware of what’s coming up and prepare prepare your body for it, so your core is always activated and run tall, as opposed to road running where its predictability and repetitive nature means it is very easy to slouch after a while.”

“Trail Running causes far less stress on the knees, ankles and hips.” Walker says, because you’re running on a softer surface which changes constantly. Because of this, the level of foot eye coordination that is required- to run across rocks, down steep hills, across creek beds and along fire trails- it becomes more of an all body workout that bring the upper body into play. The constant changes of pace, motion and balance take away much of the physical stress usually caused by the repetitive nature of road running.”


A Big shoutout goes to Nick’s sponsors who include Revive Therapeutic Massage, the Lace Locker, H2COCO and Nike BHP.



Thankyou to Mens Fitness Magazine Australia for the article.




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