Nick takes out the Sydney Trail Series 8k.

Nick takes out the Sydney Trail Series 8k.

Since January, I have been competing in the Sydney Trail Series at the Manly Dam. The Sydney Trail series has been established to provide great monthly trail running races to both Sydneysiders and those from further afield. The trail series have been a challenging step up from the Athletics track which i have been competing on for the past couple of years. The trails require much more attention to where you place your feet, especially on uneven ground featured throughout the trails.

The support the Sydney Trail Series organisers gave to all the distance runners was very motivating and the prizes too were definitely an incentive to aim for the top 3 each week.

Trail running is a great way to go for your long runs as it is interesting being in a bush setting, constantly turning corners and running up hills to enter new territory which keeps you on your toes. Trail running definitely strengthens your entire body, especially the core and calves and quads because of the uneven ground and the steep hills which were common in the Manly Dam trail. Through doing the trail series, my fitness levels have increased and inspired me to take on the new challenge of mountain running, where i will be contesting the NSW Mountain Running Champs in Orange.
I havent competed in cross-country seriously like this since highschool back in 05 so it is exciting for me to start finding this renewed passion for distance running. I am preferring trail running to the track because of how interesting it is and i love the fact you get to be surrounded by rainforests and interesting surroundings. Each Trail series i have improved and i am sure when i get back on the track next season i will be flying high.

For all information on the Sydney Trail Series, head to


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