TRACK STAR SUPERSTAR Elana Withnall has been chosen to be the face of my first women’s LANE 5IVE Croptop collection.


The collection has been inspired by metaphors for speed as well as photographs i have taken from my various trips around the world, which have been inspired me.

These croptop’s empower women to be inspired whilst they workout because they feel very comfortable and the designs empower the woman to feel competitive and be the best the can be at reaching their goals.

Elana has been chosen as the Lane 5IVE cover girl because of her passion for athletics, her commitment to athletics, and her well rounded attitude as an elite athlete. She does one of the hardest track events which is the Heptathlon. She is a nationally ranked Heptathlete and has dreams and aspirations of qualifying for the Olympics.  She has to train almost 7 days a week, amongst uni and work and has to be highly motivated so she can get through her 7 events!


I am very lucky to have have this amazing sports star as my girlfriend who keeps me highly motivated and gives me strength and courage to believe in myself and also LANE 5IVE!

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