Farewell to a best friend.

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me they are the role model for being alive.  ~Gilda Radner


In the early hours of this morning my best friend Elvis passed away. He had been sick for some time with a neurological disorder which wears his muscles down. When the one thing that you love most disappears, your soul feels empty.

Elvis was a special dog to me because i was there from Day 1 when he was born. Our first dog was his mother Shandee who was a beautiful champagne coloured labradoodle. She ended up having 6 gorgeous black puppies with the famous Australian comedian “Kamahls” dog. It was a miraculous evening back in 1997 when i saw Elvis being born and i can still remember seeing the live birth which will never be forgotten.

We ended up giving the puppies away to family friends but Elvis was the one we kept and he was by Shandees side until the day she passed away. What made Elvis special was the fact he grew up with me throughout my teenage years which were some of the toughest years mentally and physically. I remember i would take him to macquarie hospital across the road and do 5k runs with him by my side. I always tired him out but he loved being out in the open. Because i live on a golfcourse i can always remember him chasing golf course buggies up and down the fence.

The best thing about Elvis was his temperament. He was such an affectionate dog who would get on with any stranger and be so friendly. He was so warm and made people feel so comfortable to be around him. I think Elvis was the only person in the world i gave hugs to every day and he licked my face before every Athletics race as a sign of goodluck.

I think with any animal it is just as much the owners responsibility to give affection back to its pet and with Elvis my family spoilt him. We went on family holidays up north to our favourite holiday destination- Freedom Island up at south west rocks. I remember he would chase rogue emu’s on the island and it was the funniest thing ive ever seen.

One of my fondest memories was when we were coming back from fishing, Elvis was waiting at the wharf for me, and i called out his name. All of a sudden i see a huge splash and he was doggy paddling towards me! i thought it was the most courageous thing ever to see him want to swim to me, even though i was 100m off shore. We had to pull him into the boat and that was an effort but i couldnt get over the effort he had to swim to me.

When ever i was feeling up or down elvis could tell. I find it astonishing how dogs can feel what mood you’re in and make you feel happier even if its just laying down right next to you or licking you on your face he was always there for me and i loved hugging him. Sometimes it felt when there was no one else to hug he would be the first thing to see!

As the years went past i look back now and i know our family has given him the best life possible. Right now it just feels like a big piece of our family is missing and i feel so empty inside. Time will make things easier but to me a pet is like your brother or sister as they are always there and they love you no matter the situation even if you get annoyed with them.

Im glad he is in a much better place in heaven and he has been reborn into his happy days as a youthful dog when he could go running with me and see the outside world.

In the past few years when i know he hasnt been as well one thing i did was give him a hug and a kiss everyday in the morning before i went to work or training. It makes me feel like i did everything i could with him in the time he was living here on earth. One person who i shared this common bond with was my gf Elana. She did the same to her dog when she knew it was getting older and she gave kisses to Elvis in the months she knew him on the way out before she went home from my place.

Elvis you will dearly missed but never forgotten. A best friend always sticks by your side and in your heart no matter what. As i am getting older time is just going way too fast so today taught me you should make everyday count with the people you love most, make the most of every day and be appreciative for the wonderful things God has given you.


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