The pursuit of happiness.

“I don’t think of work as work and play as play. It’s all living.”
Richard Branson. 

A couple of months ago i felt like i had hit a road diverging in two different directions. I was at the point in my career where i really had to think hard about what i wanted to do in order to live a well balanced lifestyle or bring in the money and think about a career which was making me very frustrated and anguished.

After much procrastination (which i hate doing) my best mate Jamie sat down with me and we brainstormed ideas about where i wanted to take my career and what essentially made me the happiest.  The one thing which came to mind at the time was when i am at my happiest is when i am using my creativity and own ideas to create something new or when i am out doing athletics and running some great bush trails and being active.
I figured at the age of 25 did i want to be doing 12 hour days for the rest of my life with no life outside of the office? Hell no. So now it was time to make a change so i could enjoy what i do both in work and lifestyle. I had felt that since finishing my degree and working 3 years in the sports apparel industry i had created my contacts and i had learnt everything which i need to pursue my own direction. So i resigned from my last sports apparel job in a quest to find something new which made me ultimately happy.

Not long after i resigned I was offered two different jobs. One job was working at a promotional merchandise company as a Business Development Manager (on an average salary)  working tireless long days from what was explained and on the road chasing sales and increasing business during this gfc and the other job on offer was at a Sports company working at primary schools as a sports teacher/coach part time working the hours of 8am till 3pm.  guess you can see what option i chose to take on. So after brainstorming the pros and cons with Jamie i came up with a solution as to which direction i would choose. For the first time in my working career i thought to myself… its time to do something which makes me happy and i am so thankful as right now i’m not looking back on my decision.

Taking on this teaching role has given me ideas for the future. Teaching is seen as a vocational role which is true but after teaching at 3 different schools over the past few months it gives me so much value and happiness to teach young kids the importance of sport and physical activity as well as giving them confidence before they grow up and head into the big world. Next year i’ll be doing my dip ed at ACU and focusing on a different subject- Visual Arts and hopefully incorporating my previous Bachelor of Design degree into teaching.

The hours i do teaching is so great as well. I can now make it to training and keep up my Athletics which i am beginning to put alot of time in too and i am also now working on my Lane 5ive business where by i can thankfully say as of today is underway with production with a group of honest sports apparel manufacturers near the shire. The man who ran the business loved all of my work and he said i have made the best choice as the sports apparel industry especially in manufacturing is a struggling industry! Another thing i have learnt about running a successful sports apparel business is to treat those around you with respect and to be understanding that everyone who works in an office has a life outside of the office and that designing uniforms takes time. Designing takes careful thought and construction. If it is rushed errors can be made!

I am hoping that through teaching i can keep up my Lane 5ive business and train and succeed to bigger and better things (hopefully one day an international event). I feel despite the fact i live a very busy lifestyle i wouldn’t have it any other way as i love a balanced lifestyle. I also feel that through teaching i am passing on my knowledge and motivation to the younger generation.

So right now i feel like i am making progress and i am so stoked i am doing everything i ever wanted to do! Running and being creative. I know that teaching as well as running a business isn’t easy however the key to being successful i know now is doing what you love because when you’re in love with what you do everything else around you begins to shine. In saying this i feel more confident, my athletics is improving and i’m feeling healthy. I should also mention i have time for my friends and family which s the most valuable thing for me.

At the end of the day yes i want to make some good money but at the same time i don’t want money to rule my entire life where i have no life outside of the office, in the future not see my kids every now and again because travel dominates my work and most of all be unhappy my entire life. I think with happiness brings positivity and with positivity bring success.

To finish off this blog, i’d like to post this quote by my favourite Entrepreneur  Richard Branson who to me after reading his book “Losing my Virginity” is a great inspiration because of his work balance and his love for what he does for a living despite being the worlds richest man!

“Ridiculous yachts and private planes and big limousines won’t make people enjoy life more, and it sends out terrible messages to the people who work for them. It would be so much better if that money was spent in Africa – and it’s about getting a balance.”
Richard Branson



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