The first of the first two thousand and twelve.

Enjoy every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day as if it was your last.

Leading up to the first of January 2012 i finished the last week of 2011 with a enthralling spontaneous trip to Alberta via Los Angeles where i spent a couple of days with my brother after receiving a position at a new sports company. The week was amazing spending time with my brother eating lavish food, buying clothes such as my amazing Christmas sweater, and driving through the streets of Beverly Hills as well as a tour of Hollywood by my brothers partner Christina. It was almost an escape from reality! I was lucky enough to take my brother to the 6 flags- magic mountain themepark where i almost died on the x2 rollercoaster after my brother forced me to ride at the very front… the photo says it all. I had an idea in my head that if things didn’t work out this year in Sydney, i may head back to LA at the end of the year and give acting and modelling a big shot. The key to success in LA is networking and i hope my brother can network further to make his career a success before he decides to come home.

On my final night in LA i went on a tour of Hollywood and took photos with my new sony alpha camera (its the best investment ever!- recommended by my japanese mate Ryo). What struck me most when travelling through Hollywood at night was its historical value. I am so intrigued to know that where i was, was the home of film and one particular era which struck a chord with me which was the the Golden Age of film (1930’s-60’s) because Hollywood back then was home to the stars of Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean. Hollywood in the Golden Age was full of life, the film industry was booming and the films from that era remain timeless. Hollywood had a charisma which was unlike any other place in the world.
In 2011, despite Hollywood being the home to the Oscars at the Kodak Theatre i feel its historical value needs to be more influential on tourists visiting. Its so much more than a street of stars, and even with the hand prints of Hollywoods famous creatives its still has a lost piece of history which can only be told through a local who has family who has grown up in the area of Hollywood and its surrounding suburbs.

On my next trip to LA i am going to learn more about Hollywoods past history and  involve myself more creatively as there is so much more history to learn about Hollywoods past actors, movies and film sets.

After that memorable evening, i stayed awake until 2:15am and caught the shuttle to the airport to head to the long awaited trip to Calgary. I arrived to LAX at 2:45am half asleep, then had to wait another hour and a half until the airport check in service opened. by 4am i was barely awake but managed to check everything in and caught the 6am flight to Calgary viz San francisco. This trip so far has definitely taught me to be patient. I had a 2 hour stop over in San Francisco, before heading to Calgary. I finally arrived in Calgary and after a quick security check i was greeted by my best friend jamie and Rich at the airport with Jamie holding a massive poster which said “WELCOME BFF” with 2 pussy cats on it. I thought it was so thoughtful and it made my arrival awe inspiring. i couldn’t get over the change in temperature from LA which was like Sydney’s current summer, to minus 0 temperatures! The drive to Jamie and Rich’s apartment was relaxing and i could see hints of snow on the side of the road. As we arrived it just felt nice to know i would be here for the next 3 weeks. I automatically thought that i am going to make the most of this trip because it could be the last real one i have.

On New Years Eve, jamie and I went for a run across the bridge into Calgary City. Calgary City is a beautiful city with a fast flowing river next to it. The river had so much ice in it. As we crossed the bridge we made our way into Princes Island Park. My eyes lit up at the sight of snow which covered all the banks of the river as well as the grass surrounding the paths. It felt like i was in heaven! I have a weird obsession with snow. The site of white is so magical to me as white to me is a symbol of purity. Despite the amazing scenery the coldness was pretty overwhelming. On our journey back home i thought it was nice to have spent the last couple of hours of 2011 going for a run.

At the hours leading up to midnight i enjoyed soaking up the moment with Jamie and listening to songs and dancing in her apartment. Jamie and i always seem to have fun no matter where we are. We then made our way into the city of Calgary after a few drinks to the Vinyl bar and there we partied up until Midnight! It was a great way to bring in the new year.. for me anyway. I really thought as the clock struck 12 that 2012 is going to be a positive year and a year for triumph and success.  it felt good to have my bes friend Jamie by my side. I did not forget my family and friends back home either, i instantly thought of them as the clock struck 12.

On the first of the first two thousand and twelve when i woke up i thought to myself- i need to do something worthwhile to start off the day so i cleaned the dishes and wiped my shoe stains off the floor. I felt this was symbolic of the year ahead- hard work and a tidy room equals a happy man. New years morning was absolutely freezing, but heading to star bucks having a hot chocolate was the cure to warmth.

Moving onto the second- everything i said was positive because everything should be positive on the 1st of january which it was. on the second though my best friend and her boyfriend who i was staying with after some heart felt tensions broke up which was very unfortunate. but it goes to show that life is very unpredictable. I am sure Jamie will start a new chapter in her life as she makes her way back to Australia. As always, i will always be there for her but i do feel a sense of sadness. It made me think that the next relationship i am in i want it to work out as breakups are always the hardest things to deal with.

So in summary what have  i learnt from 2011 which i can use for 2012? Patience is the key to success, success derives from optimism and hard work, best friends are friends who are there no matter what, life is unpredictable, and the most important thing in a relationship is to be on the same page and communication and if that isn’t there then its not meant to be.

2012 i am sure will be a challenging yet rewarding year and i think its the start of a new chapter of my life. Im 25 now and i am ready to make a mark on the world. I want Nick William Walker to be not only a house hold name but i want my name to go Global. I wish everyone a fantastic 2012 and im sure everyone will be entering a new chapter in their life this year as well. As one chapter closed in 2012, a new one opened on the first of the first two thousand and twelve.

Happy 2012!!!!!


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