Wave of emotion- just a thought leading up to Christmas…

Yesterday afternoon before competing in my 5k, i was relaxing and came across a youtube video called “Tsunami- caught on video” which is a 7 part series. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9DMiy_DVok&feature=related (Part 1). As you may have remembered the Indonesia Tsunami happened on boxing day in 2004 which killed almost 250,000 people.
Watching this documentary really made me think twice about life in general. The documentary is filmed by people who were caught up in the Tsunami as it happened and the stories are miraculous, heroic, and devastating.  Just to think everyone on December 25th in the Tsunami struck areas were celebrating Christmas with their loved ones, then a day later losing their love ones.. some never to be found.  As Christmas is fast approaching i think every0ne should make the most of their family celebrations and appreciate everything which we have been given- not only our loving families but the fact we have shelter and food.  This documentary made me feel lucky to be alive and to appreciate everything around me. You can’t even imagine to think how those people felt before, during and after the Tsunami. I encourage everyone to watch this leading up to Christmas and all those small worries like Christmas presents  will seem superficial. 2011 wasn’t a great year for Japan either with a devastating Tsunami crashing on the east, north Coast. Nothing can prepare us for natures fury but it teahces us to appreciate each day on earth as it could be our last.
In conclusion, i am so glad i watched this documentary as it made me think as i ran my 5k that i am so lucky to be alive.


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