life sometimes goes unplanned…

Here i am sitting in my bed at 10:45pm- i have mixed feelings at this moment. The full time job has been playing on my mind for so long now but so has the feeling for travel! Today i went for an interview for a big online sportswear company and there is a good chance i get the job as a designer and salesman..however if i get the job i will have to end my work at my parents store, fcuk, and possibly Mandalay too.. the reasons why i was working 3 jobs was so i could train for Athletics, and also so i could travel at the end of the year because when you work full time you are only entitled to 4 weeks where as i wanted to do a few months of traveling. So the issue is- do i focus on full time work and start getting stability in my life financially (i.e buy a house etc)… or do i travel and enjoy life before it gets too serious.. or….. if i do get the job take a 4 week break and visit my brother in LA then visit my best friend Jamie in Calgary- Canada. I definitely feel like i need a break as ive been working/training so hard and as my parents continually remind me “its a part of life”. Im so up in the air if i do get this job but at least ill feel financially secure and ill start working my way to the top of the business world. If this year was for travel and part time work i guess i may feel as if i lost a year of “real” work. Anyway regardless i am going to travel but from what i realised today.. life definitely never goes as planned!!! there are always unexpected choices which change your path!


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